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Zambian Mother and Son Dream of A...


Zambian Mother and Son Dream of A Promising Future

Coming from Zambia’s capital, the drive to an Anchor of Hope school is long and far off the beaten trail. At the end of the trip through dusty plains with scattered villages, you will find a school that is teeming with life and promise. There, we had the pleasure of meeting a mother and her son, who shared their story of overcoming and working toward a promising future.

Silvia is a cook at the school where her three children attend classes, including her eldest son, Chris, who is currently in the 5th grade. At the school, they receive Rise Against Hunger meals each day, which enables both the teachers and students the ability to focus on education.

Having been raised by his mother and attending the same school for years, Chris’s good manners and polite nature are clear from his first introduction, traits which will serve him well as he continues his education. Despite an injury sustained at his birth, which leaves his left arm nearly unusable, Chris’s personality and boyish attributes begin to shine as he begins to talk about his favorite subjects, math and English, and playing football with his friends.

Silvia shares her hopes for her son, “I want him to be a successful boy with a promising life. Whatever he will do, as a doctor, teacher, lawyer, or anything else, I will support him as long as it brings him success and joy.”

In this season of giving and a time of year when we focus on spending time with our loved ones, we ask that you give the gift of hope to mothers like Silvia, who dream of bright futures for their children. Donate today to give kids like Chris the chance to thrive!

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