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Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteers are the heart of our mission. Each year, thousands of volunteers join Rise Against Hunger India not only to package meals, but to support us by giving their time, talent, skills and other resources to help us reach those in need. We could provide 23.2 million meals and support nearly 2.3 million people in India since 2015 because of thousands of volunteers who have championed our cause and supported us. We welcome volunteers of ALL ages to assist with the behind-the-scenes projects that make our mission possible. Here are some concrete ways you can join our movement to end hunger.

  1. Meal Packaging Volunteering Activity: Meal packaging is one our most popular volunteering activities. We have worked with thousands of volunteers to package meals that have helped many vulnerable groups. Many corporate partners host our events as part of their employee engagement and CSR activities. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, these events have been suspended. However, we have designed COVID-19 compliant meal packaging layout for meal packaging.
  2. Virtual Volunteering: For those who cannot participate in a meal packaging event, due to COVID-19 safety concerns or otherwise, we have designed a number of activities that you can do as a volunteer from the comfort of your home and from your desktop, mobile, tab or laptop. Visit this page for details.
  3. Championing the Cause: you can champion the cause of hunger by inspiring and engaging others within your sphere of influence, and actively advocating for food rights.
  4. Outreach activities: if you would like to do something in your neighborhood to extend a helping hand to those who need support or do some field activities in any of our field locations, our team will guide you on possible activities. Please fill this form and choose “outreach” as your preferred activity.

How to Start:

If you would like to be part of the growing number of passionate volunteers and make a tangible impact on hunger, fill in the volunteer registration form identifying your preferred activity (you can choose multiple). Rise Against Hunger India team will connect with you and give the details for the activities you have chosen.

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