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Virtual Volunteering Opportunities

For those who cannot participate in our signature volunteering (meal packaging) activity due to COVID-19 safety concerns or for other reasons, we have designed a number of activities that you can do as a volunteer from the comfort of your home and from your desktop, mobile, tab or laptop.

For companies, and organizations we organize a special 2-hour Gather-for-Good virtual engagement event that takes the participants through some interesting facts and stats on hunger & nutrition followed by a very exciting online Hunger Quiz session (sample it here). If you represent a company or an organization and would like to have a virtual engagement event for your team, you may send an email to [email protected] and we will work with you to schedule the virtual event.

If you are not representing an organization or company, and are interested to join our cause as a virtual volunteer, here are some activities that you can do:

  1. Creating social media contents on food and hunger related topics (picture, poster, video, story, hand-drawn cards, info-graphics)
  2. Submitting brief write-ups, research articles, blog pieces (500 plus words) to be published on our newsletters, website and on other media platforms
  3. Documenting through testimonial, video or short note about your personal outreach or volunteering projects to support people in need (celebrating your success in helping someone needy)
  4. Doing online research on hunger situation and solutions (focusing on tangible, actionable solutions that individuals can do) – these studies and research pieces will be used to design our volunteer education and action program

(Note: for those interested to join face-to-face, physical volunteering in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai you can attend our COVID-19 safety meal packaging events (open to everyone without any fees/charge).


If you would like to be part of the growing number of passionate volunteers and make a tangible impact on hunger, fill in the Volunteer Registration Form indicating your preferred activity. Based on your choice of activity, Rise Against Hunger India team will connect with you with further details and work on different projects with you.