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Hunger Impacts Everything

Hunger impacts all aspects of human life and livelihood. It has intergenerational affects.

Health Condition and Ability to Fight Disease

Almost half of all childhood deaths worldwide occur in children with malnutrition.

Livelihood and Income Generation Potential

As many as 783 million people across the world don’t receive enough nutrition to lead an active, healthy life, or provide for themselves and their families.

Education and Life-skill Capabilities

Without the right nutrients, the brain cannot develop properly, resulting in long term effects on learning abilities.

Hunger facts and quotes

Hunger 101

Considering how easy it is for untrue statements and misconceptions to spread in our age of information, we urge you to learn the facts for yourself. We’ve compiled a list of useful figures and quotes to equip you on our shared journey to a hunger-free world.

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Educational Resources

Dive Deeper

Numbers alone don’t tell the story. That’s why we’ve compiled these multimedia resources — from videos to infographics — to help you, your group and your classroom understand the scale of hunger.

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