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Responding to Emergencies

Rise Against Hunger India responds to sudden and ongoing crises to meet immediate needs of affected populations and support the transition toward recovery. We have responded to emergencies by delivering food assistance, nutrition, water filters and hygiene kits to those displaced by natural disasters and man-made crises.

In building the resilience of vulnerable people, Rise Against Hunger India works with local organizations and community groups to ensure that our meals and other emergency support can reach communities in crisis effectively faster and according to need.

Recent emergency relief initiatives

Rise Against Hunger India Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic

As COVID-19 lockdowns and related events severely impacted the lives and livelihoods of many, especially those in the lower economic strata of the society, Rise Against Hunger India together with its field partners and multiple volunteer groups provided food relief both in the form of dry uncooked meals as well as hot cooked meals (served in few locations such as Mumbai). Because of the strong network of grassroots partners, food assistance was quickly delivered to areas of most need.

While our primary focus was providing food relief, in few locations we also organized emergency medical services and supplied few COVID Care Centers with equipment, medicines, beds, oximeters etc.

Our COVID first wave response continued between March and October 2020 while the second wave relief work was started in April 2021. In both the phases together, with the help of 90 field partners, volunteer groups and other community associations, Rise Against Hunger India was able to serve more than 700,000 people spread across 70 Districts in 18 States. In total over 6 million meals (our packaged meals, dry ration kits, cooked meals) and other essential items were provided to those severely impacted by COVID-19 situation.