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On World AIDS Day, Recognizing the...


On World AIDS Day, Recognizing the Promise & Struggles of Those Fighting HIV/AIDS

Joshua*, age 14, lost both of his parents at a young age. He now lives with his grandmother in the Chainda Compound Lusaka West in Zambia, population 26,000, an area plagued by high levels of illiteracy and unemployment. Joshua is living with HIV/AIDs.
His teacher at the Chifundo Mission School noticed that he had very little energy and did not interact with his classmates. However, since receiving Stop Hunger Now meals distributed to the school by Mercy Ministries International, Joshua has made great progress. He has gained strength, and is more cheerful and attentive in his classes. He now enjoys interacting with other children at school.
Levison, Joshua’s teacher, shared, “From the time Joshua started receiving Stop Hunger Now meals his health has tremendously improved and he has been frequently coming to school. I am proud of Joshua, knowing him for over four years now, that he has a very big dream to achieve what he wants to. I am hoping that he continues to dream big and that he will be able to give back in the community.”
Today is World AIDS Day. Like Joshua, nearly 37 million people worldwide are living with HIV/AIDS. Stop Hunger Now meals bolster the health of our recipients around the globe, strengthening the immune systems of vulnerable children and adults. We are honored to support the NGOs, health clinics and hospitals that remain vigilant in their mission to build a world where HIV and AIDS are no longer burdens on global health and development, nor on individual lives like Joshua’s.
*Name has been changed.