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Will You Rise to Accept the UN’s...


Will You Rise to Accept the UN’s Zero Hunger Challenge?

The United Nations and countries around the world celebrate the World Day of Social Justice today, February 20. Ensuring social justice begins with providing equal access to food.
The UN’s former Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, recently shared, “One of our most fundamental rights as human beings is freedom from hunger.” The UN’s Zero Hunger Challenge, established by Ki-moon in 2012, aims to make this right accessible for the nearly 792.5 million people who do not have access to enough food to lead a healthy lifestyle.
We are rising to the Zero Hunger Challenge, which includes:

  1. Ending rural poverty
  2. Creating sustainable food systems
  3. Adopting food systems that eliminate loss or food waste
  4. Providing acess to adequate food and healthy diets for all people
  5. Ending malnutrition in all forms

Ki-moon says he believes every person can play a meaningful role in ending world hunger by 2030. You can take action in your own community by starting a garden, being mindful of the food you purchase, advocating for improved nutrition policies on a local and state level or donating food to a local food pantry.
Rise Against Hunger is working alongside the UN to provide access to social justice and end world hunger by 2030 — an objective outlined in the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals.
Rise Against Hunger is making an impact through our pathways to end hunger: nourishing lives, responding to emergencies and empowering communities. On the World Day of Social Justice, we focus on establishing equality in access to nutritious food for all people. Rise Against Hunger works to make a hands-on impact around the globe. Through our meal packaging events, hunger advocates worldwide can play a role in ending world hunger.

On this Day of Social Justice, how will you rise to the Zero Hunger Challenge? Share with us on social media using the hashtag #HowWeRise.