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We Are Responding to Coronavirus...


We Are Responding to Coronavirus Situation!

Rise Against Hunger India Reaches Out to Those who have lost Jobs due to Coronavirus Situation!

The whole of India, and indeed the whole world, is reeling under the intense impact of the Pandemic COVID-19, due to which the entire country is under total lock-down.  Under such circumstances, the lowest strata of the society  who depend on their daily earning to get by, have been the worst hit.  These groups include daily wage workers, construction workers, contract laborers, street vendors etc.    In recent weeks, many of them have lost the only source of their income and have no means to make ends meet or provide food for their families.  As one of our team members who visited some such families  in Bangalore few days ago says, “they are now more scared of looming hunger than of the Coronavirus.”
Rise Against Hunger India  is gearing itself to provide dry, packaged meals to such people in the time of this unprecedented emergency.   We have been talking to our field partners who have received SOS calls from many such families.   Rise Against Hunger India is getting ready to respond to the following two situations:

  1.  Ensure uninterrupted support to our existing group of  meal recipients who have been receiving our meals regularly
  2. Extend helping hand to other such vulnerable groups who have now become jobless and are facing food crisis

For both these groups, we are expediting our efforts to provide dry, uncooked meal packets and other essential commodities.  On Tuesday March 24,  we distributed food packets to 65 families (primarily construction workers and daily wage earners) with the help of one of our partners in Bangalore.  In the coming days, we  aim to coordinate distribution in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and possibly, Hyderabad through our network of NGO partners.  We are indeed overwhelmed by many volunteers and supporters who have called us to help us with the distribution. However, we realize the uniqueness of this emergency, so  we have to apply all precautionary measures and coordinate our distribution process in a way that our volunteers, staff and partners are not exposed to unnecessary risk.
With almost of month-long lock-down of all economic activities, the path to recovery will be long and slow.  Hope the families who have temporarily lost their jobs will go back to work soon.  Till then, it is going to be tough times for them and we all must do whatever we can do extend a supporting hand.   We would like to appeal to all corporate groups, large business houses, other organisations and individuals who wish to contribute to come forward and help in providing basic food to these people and prevent them from succumbing to hunger.
In order to contribute to the our Covid-19 Response efforts, Click  Here!

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Let us Hope and Pray that we overcome this unprecedented health pandemic soon!