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Touring the World and Changing Lives...


Touring the World and Changing Lives for Collette’s Centennial Anniversary

To celebrate their 100 anniversary, partner Collette recreated their founder, Jack Collette’s, original 1918 21-day world tour, making stops at Rise Against Hunger locations along the way to package meals!

Collette is the longest running tour operator in North America and in honor of their centennial anniversary, they have packaged more than 1 million meals to serve those around the world. The initiative blends perfectly with their Corporate Social Responsibility goal of tackling world hunger. Adding meal packaging with Rise Against Hunger to an already exciting tour provided an innovative give back component to Collette’s celebration of 100 years of travel.

John Sutherland, Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility shares, “We have been thrilled to work with Rise Against Hunger over the last three years as part of our Million Meals campaign. In 2018, Collette is celebrating 100 years in business and to mark that milestone we recreated the first trip we ran: a 21-day round trip tour between New England and Florida. Rise Against Hunger helped us host three meal packaging events during the tour to share our values with our guests, travel agents and group leaders. They really enjoyed participating and connecting with Rise Against Hunger and Collette’s vision of a future with no hunger.”

Another unique aspect to the tour was the ability for guests to get involved in making a difference beyond meal packaging. As Collette guided their guests around the world, they encouraged participants to send postcards to Rise Against Hunger, which equaled one meal donated in their honor.

As we reflect on our partnership and an exciting close to 2018, Rise Against Hunger is grateful to have such a well-aligned partner in Collette, who has helped us take strides towards our goal of a hunger-free 2030.

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