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A Day of Remembrance: Three Ways to...


A Day of Remembrance: Three Ways to Fight Hunger on the 9/11 National Day of Service

As the 15th anniversary of the September 11 tragedy approaches, we have the opportunity to reflect on the needs of our own communities, and of people around the world. Here are three ideas for getting involved within your community as we reflect on the Americans who lost their lives on 9/11 and take part in a National Day of Service:
Volunteering: If you are looking for volunteer opportunities, check with your community’s food hubs or churches to see what types of food assistance programs are offered locally. By volunteering for a hunger-related cause in your area, you can make a positive impact in the movement to end hunger worldwide.
Share Hunger Facts on Social Media: One of the most effective ways to make a difference is to spark a conservation. Lend your voice to the hunger movement and send a tweet, share on Facebook or post a photo on Instagram.
Plan to Host a Meal Packaging Event in Your Area: If you are interested in becoming more involved in the fight against hunger, hosting a meal packaging event of your own is a great way to get started! Meal packaging events are an inspiring and engaging way for your church, workplace, school or civic group to make a real impact in the lives of people in need around the globe.
Visit the 9/11 Day of Service website to learn more about this important day.