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This Hunger Action Month, Take a Pledge...


This Hunger Action Month, Take a Pledge

October is Our Hunger Action Month

For the past few years, Rise Against Hunger India observes the month of October as Hunger Action Month and undertakes range of activities throughout the month to engage wider segments of population.

Most of the activities are aligned with the main theme of the World Food Day, but other awareness and engagement activities are also organized to spread awareness on food and nutrition.  

The theme of the World Food Day 2023 (October 16th) for this year is Water is life, water is food.  Leave no one behind. Water is essential to life on earth. It covers the majority of the earth’s surface, makes up over 50% of our bodies, produces our food, and supports livelihoods.  But this precious resource is not infinite, and we need to stop taking it for granted. What we eat, and how that food is produced, all affect water. 

Activities Planned Observe Hunger Action Month:

  1. Conducting Awareness Session on Water, Food Wastage, Importance of Nutrition, Food Journey  – In many partner locations as well as in the rural communities where Rise Against Hunger India has program presence, such sessions are scheduled for students and general audience. 
  2. Conducting Quiz Drawing, Essay, Debate Sessions among students: Special creativity  Awareness Sessions.  Rise Against Hunger India will be happy to provide certificates and prizes to the best 3 participants for each category (you can send us the list of the winners under each category and our team will arrange for certificates and prizes).  You can also send us video recording of debates or speeches (no more than 1 minute each) – the best submissions will be shared on our social media pages.
  3. Organizing Walkathon: This can be done with students and others in the locality where you are present. Placards and posters on Water, Food Wastage, Nutrition etc. should be prepared by the participants themselves. If required, Rise Against Hunger India can help with the topics and slogans that can be prepared.
  4. Let’s Cook Our Meal Today: (applicable for children living in residential care): encourage children (12 years and above) to jointly prepare the main meal for a day under supervision from the staff. Children learn and discuss the steps involved in cooking and the nutritional elements in the food they are cooking together. This can be video recoded and Rise Against Hunger India would honor the best three submissions.