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Food Relief En Route to Syrian Refugees...


Food Relief En Route to Syrian Refugees

This week marks the launch of a collaborative effort to distribute critical aid to Syrian refugees in Turkey. Rise Against Hunger is teaming up with Islamic Relief USA and ANSAGIAD, a Turkey-based NGO, to provide 12 containers of Rise Against Hunger meals to refugees of the Syrian civil war. The meals will be distributed to six community health centers catering to refugees in urban areas across Turkey as part of Syrian Urban Refugee Aid Program (SURAP) initiative spearheaded by ANSAGIAD.
Nearly 5 million people have fled Syria since conflict began in 2011, according to the UNHCR, the UN’s Refugee Agency. Of those 5 million, Turkey hosts more than 2.9 million registered refugees. More than 1.3 million Syrian refugees in Turkey are children and adolescents. Many Syrian refugees have little to no financial resources, according to UNHCR.

Meals packaged by Rise Against Hunger volunteers are loaded into a shipping container in Southern California. They are now en route to Turkey to lift up Syrian refugees.

Breakdown of Aid Distribution to Syrian Refugees

  • 3,421,440 nutrient-rich Rise Against Hunger meals to be shipped
  • Six community health centers supported
  • 7,920 families will each receive one box of Rise Against Hunger meals as part of their food care package during the first phase of the program

The Syrian Urban Refugee Aid Program (SURAP) aims to help meet families’ basic needs through the distribution of food aid, dignity kits, and winterization materials such as coal, wood and other materials.
Rise Against Hunger works year-round to prepare for and respond to crises around the globe. Your donation to our Global Emergency Relief Fund will allow us to provide aid to those affected by disasters at times of greatest need.