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School Meals Help Luke, a Future Pilot,...


School Meals Help Luke, a Future Pilot, Soar to New Heights

Often we read stories collected by our impact partners showcasing the impact meals packaged by Rise Against Hunger volunteers are making in the countries we serve. These stories not only give us an inside look at the difference Rise Against Hunger meals are making, but they show us that although our circumstances might be different, people around the globe share universal experiences. 

Luke, a 10-year-old boy, lives in the small town of Ibex Hill in Lusaka, Zambia, with his mother and siblings. Luke’s father passed away when he was young and his older brothers provide for his family by selling vegetables and finding odd jobs. Luke is in the fourth grade at the Legacy Academy, sponsored by Rise Against Hunger’s partner, Family Legacy Missions. 

Luke’s circumstances might be different than other boys his age, but what is remarkable about Luke’s story is that he shares similar dreams and goals. His teacher, Susan, shares that like a lot of boys his age, he was really nervous his first few weeks of school and now his favorite thing to do is to be at school, learning. Susan shares that he dreams of being a pilot someday and having a family of his own. 

“There are three important things that we provide for the students. A quality education, a school uniform to give them a sense of belonging and community and through the generosity of Rise Against Hunger, a daily healthy and nutritious meal,” said Lewis, the headteacher at Legacy Missions.

Susan explains that she has noticed a huge difference in Luke since he has started eating the meals ― he is now always smiling and full of energy. Sometimes, Luke is able to bring Rise Against Hunger meals home to share with the rest of his family which takes some of the pressure off of his brothers to provide. 

“We see these changes in the children as they look forward to school and learning and we see the energy in them as their bodies and minds develop,” said Lewis. “Most importantly for the community and the children, we see hope and a belief that they will succeed being doctors, nurses, airline pilots, teachers and accountants.”

This back to school season, we are spotlighting stories of children like Luke through our Backpacks & Bright Futures program. Your donation of $25 will provide children, like Luke, with a backpack, school supplies and meals to help empower him to focus on their education.

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