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Rise Against Hunger’s Global Leaders Convene for Strategic Summit

Last week, leaders of Rise Against Hunger’s U.S. and five international locations convened in the Philippines for a Global Strategic Planning Summit. Rise Against Hunger is committed to operating as an effective global organization, and the Summit prepared us to take strong steps forward in that direction.

With a shared vision to end hunger, Rise Against Hunger Italy, India, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa and U.S. came together to create focus on optimizing collaboration, growing strategically and maximizing impact. We asked our organization’s global leaders to share their impressions of the Summit as they returned home with renewed purpose and vision:
“It takes a village to feed a child, and sometimes that village can be a global family of hunger warriors.” – Jomar Fleras, Executive Director, Rise Against Hunger Philippines

“The Power of We
Ending hunger together
Grateful and inspired”
– Rod Brooks, CEO, Rise Against Hunger U.S.

“This summit clearly demonstrated the “Power of We” in the most visible way. The group came together to chart a path that no one could have individually ever dream or imagine before coming here. #2030ispossible.” – Dola Mahapatra, Executive Director, Rise Against Hunger India
“Committed leadership truly looking and keen to find a mutually effective global response to hunger. 2030 is possible with collaboration and dedication, but we must also consider ‘what, where, when, how.’” – Saira Khan, CEO, Rise Against Hunger South Africa

“I arrived with limited expectations, but was totally blown away with the true ‘Power of We.’ This was one of the most powerful gatherings I’ve ever experienced. The passion, commitment and leadership of every single person at the summit is a demonstration that it is possible to end hunger in our lifetime.” – Ray Buchannan, Founder, Rise Against Hunger U.S.
“The faith and commitment by all participants to end hunger by 2030 was so palpable. When married to the practical and innovative — ideas and practices articulated by our global partners this week makes 2030 seem very possible.” – Anne Bander, Vice Board Chair, Rise Against Hunger U.S.
“The Summit was a good platform to start the journey. Great commitment from all.” – Neville Martin, Chairman, Rise Against Hunger South Africa

“It takes unbiased thinking, open and honest discussions with peers to dig in and find solutions. This is exactly what I experienced during our Global Summit. If we are serious about ending hunger and creating food security spaces in the world, we must be bold, intentional and willing to bring innovative solutions to the table. This is utterly possible!” – Edna Ogwangi, Chief Impact Officer, Rise Against Hunger U.S.
“At no other time have I felt the intense power of love, commitment, authenticity and sense of mission from a small group of 30 people: The Power of We. Yes, this is possible!” – Millie Kilayko, Chairman, Rise Against Hunger Philippines

“Character, competency and compassion. The power of 3!” – Tom Barbitta, Chief Marketing Officer, Rise Against Hunger U.S.