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Research-based ideas to improve...


Research-based ideas to improve collaboration

Partners agencies in developing countries have been critical to Stop Hunger Now in distributing 200 million meals. Now, we have research-based ideas for improving collaboration with lead partners; building on best practices with nonprofit partners; and strengthening key partnerships in the Philippines and Haiti.
Conducting all four research projects were graduate students in the Department of Social Work at North Carolina State University. They recommend Stop Hunger Now:
Integrate aid efforts with our new strategy of supporting lead partners’ community development work, and share with them the monitoring and evaluation of the work.
Make clear to lead partners our strategy of pairing food aid with community development work; boost institutional know-how of our goals and priorities; build academic and development partnerships; and give partners support and training for monitoring and evaluation.
Work with affiliates in the Philippines to strengthen disaster response; store meals in disaster-prone areas; develop and launch “livelihood” programs to address evolving community needs; and create a monitoring and evaluation tool for local partners to better define emergency feeding and response and what constitutes a disaster.
Keep investing in current partners in Haiti; engage them and individual beneficiaries in developing new capacity-building initiatives; and involve partners in finding the best way to reduce inventory loss.