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Highlighting the Value of Vocational...


Highlighting the Value of Vocational Training

Labor Day recognizes the creation of the Labor movement, celebrating the social and economic achievements of workers in America. As we approach this recognition of the contribution and impact made to the wellbeing of the U.S. — sometimes including a day away from the office or out of school — we consider the need for increased access to employment opportunities for residents of the countries we serve worldwide.
In addition to youth education programs, Rise Against Hunger meals are sent to vocational training programs around the globe. Vocational training programs allow individuals in the countries we serve to explore career opportunities, sometimes providing job-specific training for a trade. These programs contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty and put our beneficiaries on the road to success.
Chishimba, age 26, lives in the Chazanga Compound in Lusaka City, Zambia. Because of high unemployment rates, Chishimba supports her young child and husband, who is unemployed. The settlement is overcrowded, with haphazard housing infrastructure and limited access to social services, including sanitized water.

Seeking support from Rise Against Hunger partner Alliance for Children Everywhere in Zambia’s Family Preservation Program (FPP), Chishimba has had the opportunity to provide the path to a better life for her entire family.
Executive Director of the FPP, Daisy Muzukatwa, explains, “Without these [Rise Against Hunger] meals, it would not have been possible to provide enough food for the children and their families.” In addition to providing Rise Against Hunger meals, FPP facilitates skill trainings and empowerment for families to gain employment.
The empowerment and skills training aspect of the FPP is a necessary component, as it allows its beneficiaries, like Chishimba, to become self-reliant and build a strong foundation for a better future.