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Filipino Child Gains Weight, Energy and...


Filipino Child Gains Weight, Energy and Strength with Stop Hunger Now Meals

Thanks to the provision of Stop Hunger Now’s food packs to the village of Iloilo in the Philippines, six-year-old Cris was spared from severe malnutrition.
As reported in August, prior to being enrolled in International Care Ministries (ICM) malnutrition treatment program (Home Based Feeding), Cris had all the red flags of malnutrition. He was weak, had low energy, his skin was dry, his face was pale and he had a bloated stomach. He also had very little appetite for food.
Cris’ father Ronald works as a fisherman. He earns only 11 US dollars (PHP500) a week. His income is not enough to cover his small family’s basic needs. His mother Marissa, a housewife, spends her time taking care of Cris and his four-year-old brother, Joey. The family lives in a rural slum area, where the road is unpaved. No matter how much or how often they cleaned their small hut, their floors were always dusty. They do not have their own toilet but instead share one with their neighbors
When ICM’s nutrition team found Cris, he was a mere 23 lbs and 3 feet 3 inches tall which classified him as severely malnourished.  For eight weeks, both Cris and Joey were part of the program. Each day, Marissa cooked half of a food pack. Sometimes she turned them into porridge and other times into rice cakes. During the weeks of the program, she fed her children with the Stop Hunger Now meals three times a day.
Eventually, Cris achieved a weight beyond their expectations. From a weight of 23 lbs, Cris now weighs 35 lbs, a 12 lb weight increase. This is way more than the targeted weight set by the program at 28 lbs. He has become stronger, full of energy, his skin has improved, and his face has become bright. Joey also gained weight, from 19 lbs to 26 lbs —a 7 lb weight increase.
Marissa was very happy that Cris’ health and well-being have greatly improved. “Thank you for the food packs, which helped my child recover from malnutrition!”