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Passionate Youth Volunteers Help End...


Passionate Youth Volunteers Help End World Hunger

April 21-23, 2017 is Global Youth Service Day, a time to recognize the millions of youth around the world who work to improve their communities, nation and world through service each day and to encourage youth around the world to take action. We want to thank all of Rise Against Hunger’s young supporters who passionately work to help us end hunger. All over the world, young people volunteer at meal packaging events, help fundraise and raise awareness of Rise Against Hunger’s mission to end hunger. Here are the stories of some of our most passionate youth volunteers:
Wahibah Hannan | Katy, Texas
After participating in a meal packaging event on her own, high school senior, Wahibah Hannan, worked to organize her own event for her school’s chapter of the National Honor Society. Wahibah enjoyed working with Rise Against Hunger because packaging meals brings the entire community together, she was able to make a tangible difference in the world and the event is engaging and entertaining. She hoped that other students would become passionate about ending world hunger like she did by doing the event at her school. Wahibah plans to become a doctor and travel to the developing countries that Rise Against Hunger delivers food to in the future in order to “extend healthcare to people in need.”

Strawbridge Elementary School | Virginia Beach, Virginia
Karen Lucka-Beristain, a third grade teacher at Strawbridge Elementary School, is working with her students to prepare for a Rise Against Hunger meal packaging event in May. The students have been working to raise awareness and funds for the millions of people around the world that do not have access to food. Karen and her students even appeared on a local television show to perform a song about Rise Against Hunger. The students shared that they plan to continue to work to raise money to pack meals for the children and families that cannot afford them for the rest of their lives. In addition, the students compost, garden and recycle in order to make the world a better place.

Maddy Owens | Atlanta, Georgia
When Maddy Owens, age 8, volunteered at Rise Against Hunger with her school, she knew that she wanted to have a direct impact in ending world hunger. During her neighborhood garage sale, Maddy set up a snack stand. She was able to raise $115, which she put toward packaging two boxes of Rise Against Hunger meals with her friends. Maddy hopes to continue to raise money for Rise Against Hunger in the future and continue to package meals in at the organization’s Atlanta location.

Christian Dement | Virginia Beach, Virginia
Christian Dement, age 9, was looking for a way to help feed children in need around the world. Christian said, “It isn’t right that some kids have more access to food than others.” He partnered up with his physical education teacher to organize a school Fun Run. Christian and his schoolmates were able to raise over $3,000 to package over 10,000 meals at his meal packaging event. Christian says he enjoyed working with Rise Against Hunger because he was able to team up with his fellow students to help children in need, and plans to continue to help whenever he can.

Thank you to all of our youth volunteers, especially the students at Strawbridge Elementary School, Wahiba, Christian and Maddy! Through our passionate and energetic young volunteers we are able to expand our impact and make a lasting impact in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable.

Do you know a young person who has made an impact on hunger? Share your story with us using the hashtag #HowWeRise and #GYSD