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Our 2018 Results are In: We’re...


Our 2018 Results are In: We’re Deepening our Global Impact!

The results are in! We are so excited to share the impact we were able to make with your help: In 2018, we were able to reach 794,700 beneficiaries through 70 total projects in the areas of Nourishing Lives, Empowering Communities and Crisis Response.

At Rise Against Hunger, we are working to address the root causes of hunger and poverty by creating long-term, sustainable solutions. In that vein, we increased our average meals per beneficiary in 2018, focusing heavily on meal distribution to women and children. We plan to continue to increase our meals per beneficiary in 2019, deepening our impact in the lives of people in need worldwide.

We couldn’t have accomplished any of this without the commitment of our extremely dedicated volunteers and donors. With the help of 430,000 volunteers, we packaged 76.9 million meals worldwide. We can’t thank you enough for being part of our global movement to end hunger. Every meal packaged and dollar donated adds up to brighter futures for decades to come!2019 is shaping up to be an even bigger year as we move toward our goal of eliminating hunger by 2030. Please help make this year our best yet by donating today.

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