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One Promising Young Girl Has Hope...


One Promising Young Girl Has Hope Through Nourishing Meals

10-year-old Gissela lives in La Paz, El Salvador and is enrolled in third grade at Centro Escolar Los Novillos. She lives with her mom, grandmother, cousins and two brothers in a community that faces limited economic resources. Gissela and her siblings are well cared for by her grandmother and mother, who works as a housekeeper.

Gissela’s principal, Marden, reports that she has solid character, is a good student and embodies a spirit of service; all traits that lend themselves well to her dream of becoming a teacher.

Gissela shares, “I would like to be a teacher to be able to teach others how easy it is to learn when someone teaches you with love.”

Prior to receiving Rise Against Hunger meals in school, she and her family ate meals consisting of tortillas and beans. Now with the provision of meals at school, distributed by partner Convoy of Hope, Gissela says, “I am happy because this donation is very valuable, the rice with soy, as for our school, is a lot of help and fills our tummies in a delicious way. I pay more attention in class, is nutritious for me and it helps me not to get sick.” She also shares that her mother now does not have to worry about whether or not she will eat.

Principal Marden also shares the impact that the feeding program has had on the community and the school: “Families are motivated to support the school’s feeding program and it has created strong bonds in the community as well as more participation from parents in the activities of the school.”

Aida Guardado, the Children’s Feeding Initiatives Coordinator, explains that the feeding initiative has impacted more than the school, as it has given staff the opportunity to approach parents about violence prevention workshops, nutrition education sessions and women’s empowerment programs.

Give the gift of hope this season to children like Gissela and those in her community by donating today.

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