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October is Our Hunger Action Month!...


October is Our Hunger Action Month!

Some facts (Source: FAO World Food Day Materials)

  1. More than 3 billion people (almost 40 percent of the world’s
    population) cannot afford a healthy diet.
  2. Almost 2 billion people are overweight or obese due to a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. 
  3. More than 33 percent of the world’s foods are produced by smallholder farmers
  4. Yet, ironically smallholder farmers and agri-food systems workers suffer the most from food and nutrition insecurity.  

Our Actions are Our Future: Better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life.

Take Action for Better Nutrition, Better Environment and A Better Life - Here is How?

Choose healthy diets: Be conscious about the food you are consuming.  Read carefully the labels of the food you are buying. Make it a habit to add fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and wholegrains to your diet. Reduce intake of foods that are high in salt, sugar or fats.

Go local: help local farmers and producers by buying locally produced vegetables and crops. Be mindful of the environmental impact of food chain that goes through multiple channels. Avoid foods with too much packaging!

Reduce food waste: Buy only what you need and use it all. Make sure no food is thrown away. If there is access food the best way is to reuse, recycle or at best, give it to someone who can make use of it.

Support, Donate, Volunteer: Look for and join local community groups who are open to volunteering for food distribution, packaging, recycling and other such initiatives.  If physical participation is not possible, there are multiple forums for online and virtual volunteering. Learn about them and attend whichever suits to you.

Our Hunger Action Month Plans

Hunger is not just a matter of want of food.  It is also about conscious and sustainable consumption .  We all have to do our bit.  Therefore, to educate, engage, inspire and promote everyone to take action, Rise Against Hunger India is planning to have a number of activities throughout the month of October.

  1. Hosting special meal-packaging events in all our locations across the country.
  2. Celebrating Food-Heroes –  recognizing food growers, producers, famers, retailers, supply chain professionals.
  3. Organizing food festival/eat-right festivals and display of locally produced nutritional foods by indigenous producers on the occasion of World Food Day.
  4. Hosting  multiple educational creative events and sessions with students in Bangalore and Mumbai.
  5. Promoting volunteering activities (physical or virtual) for everyone interested.
  6. Hosting Facebook Live Event to share about food systems, hunger related info and about our work in the field.

Join us! Be a Hunger Action Champion!

Take Our Hunger Action Pledge  – it has a list of easy-to-do things – once completed we will recognize you with a Certificate. 

Enroll as a volunteer with us and participate in our onsite meal-packaging (open in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi currently) or in virtual volunteering activities.

Do this fun Hunger Quiz to test your knowledge about food, nutrition and hunger.

Join our Facebook Live Event to share about food systems, hunger related info and about our work in the field.

If you have any other event that you want to plan with your friends, teams, colleagues or classmates you can connect with our team over email.