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Nutrition a “Crucial Starting...


Nutrition a “Crucial Starting Point” to Addressing Poverty in Mateare, Nicaragua

When Camila, age 4, visited the health care post in her town of Mateare, Nicaragua, the medical staff discovered that she was malnourished. Camila lives with her parents and three siblings in the impoverished agriculture-based community, where they struggle to make ends meet.
Doctors advised that Camila needed of additional food and vitamins in her diet, and that’s where Rise Against Hunger meals came in. The meals, distributed by our partner Convoy of Hope, have benefited Camila’s entire family. Since Camila began eating the Rise Against Hunger meals, she has gained weight, her health has improved and she has greater energy.

Rise Against Hunger meals have significant nutritional benefit and allow Convoy of Hope to introduce additional interventions to address the underlying structural issues of poverty in Mateare.
Convoy of Hope Senior Director, Kevin Rose, shares “Nutrition is a crucial starting point in addressing poverty.”
To support Mateare and other towns in Nicaragua, Convoy of Hope’s goal is to first address malnutrition, then to establish other interventions to dismantle the underlying structure of poverty. Convoy of Hope plans to implement agriculture and women’s empowerment programs in order to increase the economic capabilities of the people of Mateare.