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Meal packaging's tangible impact...


Meal packaging's tangible impact

Stop Hunger Now’s meal packaging can mean the difference between malnourishment and hope for ultra -poor families. Meals packaged at an event in Malaysia last December brought hunger relief to 900 families and saved 26 children from malnutrition in at least 25 villages, known as “barangays” in Iloilo, a province in the Philippines.
“We don’t have enough money to buy food, and I am grateful that these food packs sustain us,” says Susie Mae of her family. Ruthel, a mother in the village, said the food packs were a big help to her daughters, Julia and Joyce, who enlisted in the home-based feeding program of International Care Ministries, a Stop Hunger Now partner in the Philippines. Weeks after the girls received food, their weight improved, and they were saved from hunger and malnutrition.
Among the 26 malnourished kids who received food, two showed particularly remarkable improvement. Six-year-old Cris (left) was two kilograms underweight when he was brought into the feeding program. His skin was dry, his face was pale, and he was weak. After weeks of constant feeding of Stop Hunger Now food packs, he had gained 11 pounds.
April - ICM - Philippines 2015
And two-year-old April (right) weighed only 14 pounds, or more than a two pounds less than she should have weighed. The food packs helped her gain 7 pounds. “I was happy to discover the value and importance of food packs,” says her mother, Glaiza.
Pastor Baldomero sees the feeding program as a sign of divine providence: “God does not want his people to be hungry,” he says. “That’s the reason why he used this organization to feed the needy.”