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Lifting Up Moms Worldwide on...


Lifting Up Moms Worldwide on Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, we celebrate the women in our lives who have been a source of inspiration, love and support. This year, we’re also celebrating the young girls, pregnant women and mothers around the world who are striving each day to build a brighter future for their families. Here are a few of their stories:

Nurturing Growth with Nutritious Meals for Expectant Mothers in Villanueva, Nicaragua
Preventing malnutrition begins in the womb. As expectant mothers in Villanueva, Nicaragua receive nutrient-rich Rise Against Hunger meals at the Global Links Maternal Center, they are paving the way for a healthy life for themselves and for their babies. At the Center, women also have access to clean water and medical care. Read more.
Micro-Enterprise Initiative Seeks to Provide Financial Stability for Vietnamese Mothers
Being a single mother in rural Vietnam presents many challenges, including finding secure employment, earning fair wages and accessing skills development and training. Rise Against Hunger has teamed up with Children of Vietnam to provide to break the cycle of poverty for children and families by assisting single mothers to improve their incomes through a new program called Empowerment through Enterprise (EtE). Read more.
Highlighting the Value of Vocational Training for Women in the Dominican Republic
Isobel, 22, lives with her two children in an area of the Dominican Republic characterized by high levels of poverty and vulnerability. When Isobel became part of the Pediatric Foundation for a Better Tomorrow, she had the opportunity to finish her high school education and received Rise Against Hunger meals via Citihope International. Isobel says she now sees herself as a strong, independent woman who plans to continue building her future through her studies and hard work. Read more.
Single Mom’s Life Transformed with Meals, Lessons on Health and Livelihood
After Typhoon Haiyan hit Rosalie’s home in the Philippines, the single mother and her two daughters were left with nothing. With two young daughters to raise, she sank into despair, until Rise Against Hunger partner International Care Ministries (ICM) stepped in to help. With lessons from ICM, and meals from Rise Against Hunger, Rosalie was able to turn her life around. She become self-sufficient to not only support her family, but to save money for her future. Read more.
We invite you to honor a special woman in your life this Mother’s Day with a donation that also lifts up women around the globe. Please make a gift below in honor of a special woman in your life, and we’ll send her a card to that her know that an impact has been made in her honor.