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Journey to Health, Purpose and Faith...


Journey to Health, Purpose and Faith

Today’s guest post comes from Maria Cecilia Mayorga, a dedicated employee of our feeding partner, ORPHANetwork, and mother of two boys who have benefited from Stop Hunger Now meals in their Nicaraguan classrooms.
My name is Maria and I am 38 years old. I have two sons, Darwing who is 5 years old and Juan Carlos who is 7 years old. They both eat at the feeding program provided by Iglesia Manantial de Vida in the city of Sandino. I am also able to serve there in the kitchen and help with activities that foster spiritual growth along with the kids. My husband, Alfredo, and I became part of the church 4 years ago and have decided to serve the Lord ever since.
Before joining the church, our life was unstable. We spent our income on alcohol and did not have any sort of relationship with God. This affected our family negatively. Today, our kids are on the correct path in life and our lives have gotten better thanks to the outreach of our church. My husband has a job and I serve in the feeding program my children are attending; I feel so blessed we are now on a better journey together.
I am so grateful for the huge blessings that my two children are receiving. They have been so blessed by the ability to not only eat, but to also seen by a medical professional. When my children first came to the feeding program, they were very underweight, but thanks to the nutritional food, the rice with soy and vitamins that they receive, they are at a healthy size according to their weight, height, and age.
I thank God for all of the people that have contributed to this project so that the blessings might reach us, just like our children. We continue to pray to God, that he would continue to bless the lives of the people that have made this feeding program possible and the laborers from Manantial de Vida (Spring of Life) in Sandino for whom we are so thankful.