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Join Our Movement This Hunger Action...


Join Our Movement This Hunger Action Month!

Rise Against Hunger India observes the month of October as Hunger Action Month, and in line with the World Food Day theme of the year, organizes a range of activities throughout the month involving wider segments of population including farmers, producers, students, employees, corporate partners and others. 

Theme of 2022 World Food Day

Leave no one behind

Better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life.

Too many people have been left behind. When someone is left behind, a chain is broken. This impacts not only the life of that person, but also others due to the interdependent system we all live in.

Who are being left behind?

  • More than 3.1 billion people (almost 40 percent of the world’s population) cannot afford a healthy diet. In India, about 70% people cannot afford quality food (Source: Food Prices Data Explorer – Our World in Data). The problem is not about availability only, but access and affordability of nutritious food.
  • While as many as 828 million people remain hungry, one in eight adults are obese
  • More than 80 percent of the extreme poor live in rural areas and many depend on agrifood systems for their livelihoods.
  • It is an unfortunate irony that two-thirds of those experiencing high acute food insecurity are rural food producers
  • Globally, women are 15 percent more likely than men to be moderately or severely food insecure.
  • 160 million children worldwide are engaged in child labor. The agriculture sector accounts for more than 70 percent of child labor.
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The Solution Lies with All of Us

All people need to come together to create change. A sustainable future is one in which all people count.  the first step is to recognize those who are likely to be left behind and support them with the right tool, capacity, technology and resources  for them to become equal agents of sustainable development.

By being a consumer of the food, everyone is an active participant of the food system and therefore, everyone can contribute to having a more sustainable and equitable planet. The foods we choose can also make a difference.  We can do this by respecting food and the environment by wasting less, whenever possible choosing local, seasonal sustainable food and being more aware of our “carbon foodprint.” 

As Food Heroes and Advocates, youth can become involved by showing greater compassion with their actions, and adopting healthy habits that contribute to creating a more sustainable world. 

Rise Against Hunger India Hunger Action Month Plans:

The following list gives a broad overview of activities planned during the month:

  • Open volunteering events throughout the month for people from any walk of life to join our volunteering program to package/cook/serve food to the vulnerable groups
  • Special events such as walkathon, food-themed competitions and exercises in schools/colleges
  • Community level food fests to recognize and honor food heroes – producers, farmers, growers and others involved in the food chainto highlight the critical role they play in sustaining our world
  • Corporate volunteering events in multiple 
  • Disseminate messages on better nutrition, better environment, better life through sessions with students, display of audio-visual materials in communities, posters & pamphlets in rural areas

Join us - Be a Hunger Action Champion!

Our actions have a bearing on the planet and we can help improve things by taking some small steps: Here is how anyone can join Rise Against Hunger India’s Hunger Action Activities:

  1. Take the Hunger Action Pledge and commit yourself to do some small, easy-to-do activities
  2. Enroll as a volunteer with Rise Against Hunger India for meal packaging, food distribution or other activities. For those who want, there are virtual volunteering options too.
  3. Do this fun Hunger Quiz to test your knowledge about food, nutrition and hunger.
  4. Organize special activities with friends, teams, colleagues or classmates – connect with Rise Against Hunger India to learn more 

Let us all make efforts to leave no one behind and do our bit to achieve “better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life”.