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Inspired by The Next Generation on...


Inspired by The Next Generation on Global Youth Service Day

As an organization that celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, we cannot underestimate the impact made by our most senior supporters, many of whom have committed to giving their time and resources to further the mission of Rise Against Hunger since our beginning. As we look forward to the next 20 years and make strategic moves towards a goal as lofty as a world without hunger, we know the importance of partnering with and equipping ALL generations to join in the movement. This is why on Global Youth Service Day, we recognize those from younger generations who have joined us in our mission and have committed themselves to creating a hunger-free world.

Studies have shown that the newest generations are not only eager to give, but are full of passion and loyalty to the causes they align with. At Rise Against Hunger, we see this every day as students of all ages come together to package meals for those in need and start their own fundraisers to change the lives of people around the world. We believe many of the students we partner with today will be the same supporters who will help us reach our goal of a zero hunger by 2030.

Today we put our hands together for the next generation who is already at work to create a better future for themselves and those that will come after them. Whatever the platform used to grow the movement and elicit change, whether at school, through a sports team or club or in one’s neighborhood, we thank our young supporters for rallying with us in our mission of eradicating global hunger!

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