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With Hygiene Education and Improved...


With Hygiene Education and Improved Nutrition, Jonabelle is Thriving

Jonabelle, age 3, lives with her mother, father and two siblings in Iloilo, Philippines. Prior to enrolling in a program run by International Care Ministries (ICM), a partner of Rise Against Hunger, Jonabelle was extremely malnourished, weighing only about 20 pounds. She was thin, had a small appetite and a bloated stomach. Jonabelle’s mother, Jenelyn, is unemployed, and her father, Bert, is a farmer earning the equivalent of about $20 in seasonal income.

The family lives in the rural mountainside surrounded by rice fields. Jenelyn says she is thankful to ICM for showing her family how to maintain good hygiene within their household, a makeshift hut without access to water or plumbing. The Labaneros get water from a pump, and a pit serves as the family’s toilet.  Once Jenelyn learned how to properly clean, ensure proper hygiene and to prepare nutritious meals, Jonabelle has experienced improved health, increased weight and a decrease in stomach bloating.

Jenelyn has played a crucial role in Jonabelle’s transformation. She has applied the lessons she learned about proper health practices and nutrition, providing Jonabelle with clean clothes and nutritious Rise Against Hunger meals each day.