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Hunger Organizations Ask Congress to...


Hunger Organizations Ask Congress to Create House Select Committee on Hunger

Led by Rise Against Hunger’s partner The Alliance to End Hunger, organizations that care about hunger are joining together to ask Congress to establish a Select Committee on Hunger in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Before it was eliminated in 1993, a House Select Committee on Hunger collected testimony, held hearings and drew attention to a myriad of hunger-related issues in the United States and around the world. With hunger on the rise around the world, organizations and groups concerned about hunger issues are joining together to call for the House to re-establish the House Select Committee on Hunger.

The first step to establishing this committee is a letter that will go from concerned organizations and groups to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Learn more about how your group or organization can sign on to this letter and support the establishment of this important committee. It is critical that those that care about ending hunger show strong support for this committee. If you are not affiliated with an organization or group and would like to take action on this issue, you could send a short note or make a brief call to let Speaker Pelosi to let her know that the establishment of the Select Committee on Hunger is important to you.

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