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HPEFS #ForceforGood Campaign...

Partnership with HPEFS"

HPEFS #ForceforGood Campaign

HPEFS joins hands with Rise Against Hunger India (RAHI) to support people affected by COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has caused severe economic hardship, including daily wage workers, construction workers, and contract laborer. These vulnerable groups have lost the only source of their income and are now under the threat of dying from hunger. Rise Against Hunger India (RAHI), has been providing food and other essential items to such groups for the past nearly 3 months. Over 2.5 million healthy, nutritious, fortified meals have been provided to nearly 500,000 people. 
Rise against Hunger India has 20 NGO partners in Bangalore. Couple of them are working with over 6,000 domestic workers and elderly women without regular source of income. Due to lockdown, most of these workers lost their jobs and only few employers paid them their wages. Due to this situation, Rise Against Hunger India mobilized meals and dry-ration kits for them. Even after gradual withdrawal of the lockdown by the government, many of these workers have not been called back to work. Several surveys conducted in recent weeks suggest that 80% of domestic workers have lost their work.  Among them are also those workers, who are now very old or sick, and who would need continued support.
HPEFS #ForceforGood Feed the Needy campaign is launched to support these women who desperately need assistance.  The aim of this campaign is to organize 60,000 meals (with a cost of INR 12,60,000) through this campaign.
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