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Global Youth Service Day Burlington...


Global Youth Service Day Burlington Township

Burlington Township High School hosted an event facilitated by the Stop Hunger Now Philadelphia location in April to commemorate Global Youth Service Day.  BJ’s Charitable Foundation provided a grant to support their efforts.
Molly R., 15 years old, freshman at Burlington Township High School reflects on the event. “Stop Hunger Now was a lot of fun.  I liked working as a team.  The music made it fun.  We all cheered when we heard the gong because it meant we just saved 1000 kids from hunger.  I felt really proud when they asked me to hit the gong once.  The whole experience made me really appreciate all that I have and the fact that I am not hungry on a daily basis like so many children in the world are. I never really thought about the fact that people don’t have access to food.  I loved everything about the project and I’m glad I was able to do it.”
Ruth S., Family and Consumer Science teacher at Burlington Township High School added, “I have participated in the school’s community service day program for 6 years.  The Stop Hunger Now project was by far the best program we have been involved in.  I love watching the students get so excited about what they are doing and I am proud to be a part of it.  I definitely want to help with this project again next year.”