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Global Friendships Pave the Way to...


Global Friendships Pave the Way to Ending Hunger

International understanding, respect and diversity are the foundations of strong, cross-cultural relationships. The International Day of Friendship, celebrated each year on July 30, is simply that: an opportunity to proclaim friendship and inspire efforts to build bridges between peoples, countries and cultures. Through the simplicity of friendship, WE can create stability and a positive spirit to uphold the ideal of peace we desire.

Our partner, Convoy of Hope, distributes Rise Against Hunger meals in multiple countries including El Salvador.

At Rise Against Hunger, the friendships we have cultivated with our Impact Partners worldwide make ending hunger a real possibility. Although the impact stays with us forever, our contact with our Rise Against Hunger meals ends after we ship them to countries around the globe. Rise Against Hunger Impact Partners like Children of Vietnam and ORPHANetwork receive these meals and safely transport them to their own program sites. These partners are responsible for safely distributing meals to their final destinations such as schools, orphanages, clinics or vocational centers. In 2016, Rise Against Hunger worked with 39 Impact Partners to distribute aid worldwide.
ADRA distributes Rise Against Hunger meals around the globe, including in Madagascar.

Without the friendships Rise Against Hunger has sustained with our Impact Partners, ending world hunger wouldn’t be possible. These solid relationships are a true testament of teamwork and camaraderie. How do we know that we’ve found a true friend in our Impact Partners? The smile on a child’s face after eating a nutritious meal.
Family Legacy Missions International provides Rise Against Hunger meals to students in Zambia.