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Fun Eating Devices (Fed) Turns Mundane...


Fun Eating Devices (Fed) Turns Mundane Eating Times into Playful Eating Experiences

Stop Hunger Now and Fun Eating Devices (Fed) are joining forces in the fight against hunger. With every fun eating device sold, Fed will donate funds to Stop Hunger Now to provide meals to children in need. The first product Fed will be offering for sale will be Sporkman–a character with a spork for a head, chopsticks for legs and hug-shaped arms to limit contact with surface germs.
“We’re ecstatic to be partnering with an organization who shares the same values to feed children and bring smiles to every mealtime,” says Ad Vogele, Executive Director of Fed. “Our vision is to witness a world of fed minds, bodies and spirits. Parents will now have a new tool to playfully engage with their children at mealtime, while also experiencing the joy that comes with feeding children in need.”

Around the world, nearly 795 million people lack adequate food. Stop Hunger Now operates meal packaging locations in 19 cities throughout the U.S. and five international locations in South Africa, Malaysia, the Philippines, Italy and India. Last year, more than 274,800 volunteers from corporations, churches, schools and civic organizations packaged Stop Hunger Now meals.
Founded in 1998, Stop Hunger Now has delivered aid and disaster relief supplies in the form of food, medical supplies, clothing, school supplies and more to thousands of disaster victims and other hungry and vulnerable people in 71 countries.
(Fed) Fun Eating Devices has launched an Indiegogo campaign that will run until October 23, 2015. Fed’s goal is to raise money to fund more fun eating devices for kids and kids at heart, and ultimately provide another glimmer of hope in the fight against hunger.

If the campaign is successful, Fed will be able to contribute over 10,000 meals through Stop Hunger now. You can visit the Indiegogo campaign here.
“We don’t claim to be philanthropists or experts in running a non-profit–that’s why we’ve partnered with Stop Hunger Now,” says Vogele. “We’re designers with a heart for giving and a passion for creating incredible products for children and their families.”
“What we want everyone to know is that hunger is solvable and is the common thread among the world’s most challenging issues,” said Rod Brooks, President and CEO of Stop Hunger Now. “When hunger is targeted, you give leverage and hope to every other cause including poverty, disease, education and the welfare of women and children.”

For more information, contact (Fed) Fun Eating Devices Executive Director, Ad Vogele at 720-379-7529 and at ad(at)fedfeeds(dot)com.