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From the TV Screen to Beneficiaries,...


From the TV Screen to Beneficiaries, Meals are Promoting Nutrition in the Dominican Republic

This summer, two celebrity chefs and a nutritionist from the Dominican Republic put the spotlight on healthy eating in a big way — through local television! Rise Against Hunger meals appeared on a local cooking show in the Dominican Republic, sponsored by Sanar una Nacion, a local non-profit alliance committed to improving the health and nutrition of people in the Dominican Republic and the World Food Programme. 

The educational cooking show was broadcasted on national television and hosted by the President’s Cabinet of Social Policy. Sandy Robles, the culinary director for the Dominican Republic’s economic mobile kitchens anchored the televised event. 

Over 1,000 people attended the event and watched as the chefs prepared traditional Dominican stewed chicken paired with fortified Rise Against Hunger meals. The celebrity chefs and nutritionist also presented on healthy cooking guidelines and prepared Rise Against Hunger meals live on screen. The meals went to over 300 community members in the town of La Nueva Barquita. 

During the event, Dr. Mercedes Jérez, a nutritionist from the Vice President of the Dominican Republic’s office, put an emphasis on the importance of good nutrition and making smart food choices, something vital to ending hunger by 2030. Currently, the Dominican Republic experiences a moderate level of hunger and ranks 43 out of 119 countries on the Global Hunger Index.

Citihope, Rise Against Hunger’s impact partner, provided Rise Against Hunger meals for the event and supports the economic mobile kitchens set up by Sanar una Nacion. To date, over 16 million Rise Against Hunger meals have been distributed by Citihope through programs in the Dominican Republic.  Are you interested in volunteering to make an impact in communities like the Dominican Republic? Visit for more information! 

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