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Flooding in India: Stop Hunger Now...


Flooding in India: Stop Hunger Now Responds to the Crisis

In response to flooding in South India, Stop Hunger Now India has provided more than 150,000 meals for over 5,000 families in Chennai, India’s fourth-largest city, and the Cuddalore district.
To distribute the meals, which were packaged by Visa, Juniper, Synopsys and Google, Stop Hunger Now India has partnered with Treasure Human Life Foundation, Hope Foundation, Science Awareness Association for Rural People as well as other local nonprofits and civic groups. And they are working with other groups to hold meal packaging events to support the relief efforts.
Demand for other forms of humanitarian relief also has been high. They have received requests for mats, tarpaulins, water filters, tents, bedsheets, water containers, clothes, and school supplies for children, among many other items. Donated supplies are being collected at a warehouse in Bangalore and will be picked up by a field team once a truckload of materials is gathered.
“The situation is quite grave and we have been receiving SOS requests from a number of local groups,” says Dola Mohapatra, Executive Director of Stop Hunger Now India. “The field teams responding to the current situation have requested immediate help for food packets, medical supplies, clothes and other items.
Stop Hunger Now India has been asking groups to host meal packaging events exclusively for flood response in the state of Tamil Nadu, the sixth most populous state in India. Since 2013, volunteers have packaged over 1 million meals in India. In the first half of 2015, Stop Hunger Now India extended its services to eight states in India, engaging 3,025 volunteers who have packaged 657,000 meals. In partnership with 18 local nonprofits, meal packets, nutrition supplements and other life-saving supports have been sent to vulnerable groups.
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