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Ever Wonder What it’s Like to End...


Ever Wonder What it’s Like to End Hunger Full Time? Read One Staff Member’s Inspiring Story!

Hannah, our Community Engagement Coordinator in Charlotte, works to help end hunger across the globe. Day to day, Hannah is in our Charlotte location prepping for meal packaging events, handling inventory and supply needs, and running Rise Against Hunger Experience events. Read more about Hannah’s Rise Against Hunger story below.

Q: How did you get involved with Rise Against Hunger?
I actually began volunteering at meal packaging events with Rise Against Hunger through my church in Richmond, Virginia. As I participated in events, I became even more involved with the organization and decided I wanted to make a career out of it.

Q: Tell us more about your story and your journey to Rise Against Hunger.
I was adopted from India when I was a baby. While I do not know much about my birth family, I do know that my birth mom did not have the amount of food she needed. That being said, working at Rise Against Hunger is very special to me. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of joy volunteers bring to each meal packaging event. I have so much gratitude for what they do.

Q: What does your job look like day to day?
If only I could describe a “typical day!” My job day to day consistently looks different, and I LOVE that. Some days I’m working in the warehouse all day while others I am on the road going to meet new people and package meals with volunteers across the globe. My favorite part of work is having the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with people in all walks of life who share the same passion as I do — ending hunger in this lifetime. There is something so empowering about sharing such a meaningful, common thread!

Q: Why do you think ending hunger is possible?
Hunger is not a resource-driven issue. The world produces enough food to feed every single person. The problem is a lot of it goes to waste and it’s not distributed equally. That being said, I’m incredibly hopeful for this silver lining! We have the resources, we just need to take collective action.

Are you interested in making ending hunger your full-time gig? Visit our Careers page to learn more!

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