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Outpouring of Rice, of Love...


Outpouring of Rice, of Love

When the Laguna Niguel Stake At the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Aliso Viejo, CA, joined Stop Hunger Now in the movement to end hunger in our lifetime, the goal was to package 75,000 meals.
But when nearly 600 volunteers, ages four to 90, turned out for the meal-packaging event on April 25, they packaged 85,320 meals to be shipped to school-feeding programs in 65 countries. The volunteers represented houses of worship, communities, schools and corporations.
“It was just an outpouring of love,” said Jenna Harline, assistant director of interfaith relations for Laguna Niguel Stake. “People just opened their hearts and we just shot past our goal.”
Robert Davis, Lagune Niguel Stake president, said there was “a part for everyone in this process of building these meals.” Harline agreed. “The best thing about this,” she said, “is seeing a community come together to make a difference and be excited about it.”
One child who participated said he appreciated the opportunity to make a difference. “I’m getting a chance,” he said, “to help other people who go hungry every day.”