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Under Armour: Partnering to Improve...


Under Armour: Partnering to Improve Lives

Belize-based Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus runs a program that distributes Stop Hunger Now meals to feed children in rural public schools in the Central American country and coordinates a quarterly medical clinic staffed by volunteer health-care professionals who provide primary care to over 1,000 people.
When Stop Hunger Now learned the organization was offering a soccer camp in Belize this summer for disadvantaged youth, and that many of them had no shoes, we turned to another partner, Under Armour, which provided 170 pairs of new athletic shoes. “Shoes are incredibly important everywhere, but these are people who don’t have shoes,” says Paul Renaud, Aid Procurement Director for Stop Hunger Now. “Having shoes allows them to go to school. It keeps them from catching diseases. It keeps them from getting parasites and injuries to their feet.”
Through our partnership, Baltimore-based Under Armour has hosted 20 meal-packaging events, donated roughly 300 pairs of athletic shoes, and most recently donated 10 pallets of brand new sports clothing — over 9,500 items — for people in need. The partnership, Renaud says, reflects the generosity of Under Armour and “exemplifies the impact of sending food and other aid on the overall health of a community, not just physical health, but the ability to play sports, attend school and just lead a healthier lifestyle.”
The partnership also underscores the importance of teamwork at Stop Hunger Now, he says. That includes the work of Chris Craven, Director of Corporate Partnerships, who developed the partnership, and Rich Armenia, Philadelphia Program Manager, who has worked with Under Armour on its meal-packaging events in Baltimore. “The fact that Stop Hunger Now has active corporate giving partners like Under Armour,” Renaud says, “is proof that we are a well-functioning team.”
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