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Annual Impact Report 2021-22...


Annual Impact Report 2021-22

Rise Against Hunger India Impact Report for 2021-2022

Our 2021-22 annual impact report is ready, and we would like to share a brief summary of the key outcomes/impacts for the year. Detailed report can be downloaded from here.

Major Highlights of the Year

In many ways, 2021-22 marks a major landmark in the history of Rise Against Hunger India as we have been able to build our footprint in remote rural areas where degree of food & nutrition insecurity is among the highest.

Here are some of the major milestones and impacts during the year.

1. Two Cluster offices were established in Jeypore (Odisha) and Deoghar (Jharkhand) to accelerate our rural food and nutrition security programs in acutely food insecure communities in the Eastern Region.

2. Despite complete halt of volunteering events with corporate partners for most part of the year, we were able to organize and provide 4.99 million nutritious meals to those in need. 

3. Our COVID Relief support reached nearly 230,000 people with 2.87 million meals & medical provisions, vaccination support along with other assistance. 

Under the special SAATHI project, 2,313 crematoria/ cemetery workers received 376,488 meals. 

We also ran a campaign named #ShieldUp covering 16 Districts in 10 States to promote COVID Appropriate Behavior and remove vaccine hesitancy. 

4. Micro livelihood projects to support 3,000 farmers, mostly women farmers, were carried out in Koraput, Nabarangpur, and Malkangiri, Banka & Jamui Districts to promote vegetable production, goat farming etc.

5. Quick start projects were launched in rural communities in Odisha, Jharkhand and Bihar that were identified for sustained program engagement. One such program, Meals for Devlopment (M4D) helped villagers come together to repair, renovate or build community assets for common use. Eight such projects were completed with 100% community participation.  Villagers were filled with a sense of accomplishment after they completed the structures and started using them.

6. The virtual volunteering program that was initiated in the previous year became a part of our volunteering offer.  Over 430 individuals, corporate employees and students produced artworks, articles, posters etc. which were published on our website and social media handles.  We also had Gather for Good virtual sessions with corporate staff and students of few institutions.

Plans for 2022-23 and Beyond

We are striving to reach more people each day to help them in the journey out of hunger and poverty. Some of our plans and ambitions are listed below:

  1. Scale up rural nutrition and food security projects in the hard-to-reach remote pockets.
  2. Build community-based programs that focus both on immediate manifestation as well as root causes of hunger.
  3. Increase engagement with technical agencies and academic institutions for internships & field placement and to undertake action research.
  4. Restart our special education program with students (Hunger Education Module – HEM).
  5. Enhance internal capacity and systems to design, execute, monitor and report effective projects.  

Our journey this far would not have been possible without the support from all the volunteers, corporate partners & donors, NGOs, field partners and many others. Our sincere thanks to everyone for their support and solidarity.

All our field stories and project updates are regularly posted on our social media channels. Follow our official handles to stay connected.