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Resolution for the New Year!...


Resolution for the New Year!

As we get ready to enter into the new year, we wish everyone a very healthy, safe, nutritious and
peaceful 2022

World over, as well as in India, hunger and food insecurity situation has escalated in recent years.

Begin the new year with a resolve to take action by joining our movement and donating to our cause.

Be A Volunteer With US

Donate to Support Our Cause

 Be an Active Contributor to  the Planet’s Food-systems by Taking Small Steps

Here are some things that you can start with

Eat Healthy
make good food choices, understand & practice conscious consumption

Reduce food waste
buy only what you need, don’t reject fruits and vegetables because how
they look, eat whatever you take on your plate

Support, Donate, Volunteer
dedicate some time to help someone who needs help, join any local cause