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Sieti Banu Immanuel...


Sieti Banu Immanuel

Sieti Banu Immanuel, through Empowering Communities is mandated to anchor the food security program of Rise Against Hunger India. Sieti works with the field teams and community groups to lead project design and development process to achieve sustainable food and nutrition security at the household level. He is the lead technical manager for Rise Against Hunger India’s signature programs around building nutrition sensitive value chains (NSVC), enabling communities to adapt and pursue diverse livelihood options, building community resilience and climate change action. As the thematic expert on food security and livelihood, Sieti’s role involves establishing linkages and liaison with nutrition-related agencies & government departments to enhance program capacity on the ground.

Sieti is passionate about environment and have about 19 years of experience in domains of Natural Resource Management (NRM), natural regeneration, livelihoods, climate actions, community resilience and agriculture. He is deeply committed to make communities and people aware of the ecosystems they depend on such as water, land, food, soil, agriculture etc. and work towards better management of these natural resources. He has completed his bachelor’s degree in agriculture and Masters in Environmental Studies from Loughborough University, UK. Prior to joining Rise Against Hunger India, Sieti has worked with different national and international organizations such as World Vision India, Action for Food Production (AFPRO) etc.

Sieti is based in Bangalore with wife Helen Jesie Sieti and two daughters Phoebe Kirubai Sieti, Joanna Thuthi Sieti. As a nature observer, Sieti enjoys spending time observing and appreciating the beauty of the natural world in the likes of its wildlife, plants, landscapes, or weather phenomena.