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Naomi Joshua...

Naomi Joshua"

Naomi Joshua

Naomi Joshua’s primary responsibility entails directing, managing, overseeing and mentoring our ever-growing volunteer and corporate engagement teams located across the country.  She is also responsible to develop robust operational systems and guidelines, and ensure that everyone in Rise Against Hunger India is fully trained in meal packaging, storage and distribution standards.  She also looks after HR and people matters for Rise Against Hunger India.

Naomi has been actively involved with  Rise Against Hunger India’s activities as a core volunteer since the day India program was launched in 2015.  Later in 2018, she took up a part time assignment handling HR and Operations.

Naomi has over 25 years of experience in Operations, HR & Project Management.  As the operations manager and team leader in her previous assignments, she has helped in designing operational systems, developing manuals, tools and guidelines for an organization that grew almost 200% within 3 years.  Due to her excellent organizational capabilities, she was nominated to be part of an international task force that conducted organizational diagnostics in various countries in Asia.

Naomi holds a post-graduate diploma in HR Management, a post-graduate diploma in Systems Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Electronics & Mathematics.

Music is Naomi’s passion & she has been part of music groups & choirs all her life.