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Kamlesh Nichani...


Kamlesh Nichani

Kamlesh Nichani, is a senior professional with long years of experience in handing  business continuity, disaster recovery, and risk management programs in enterprise setting.  Currently, he heads the Risk & Compliance, Business Continuity Management at Accenture, Bangalore and in this capacity, he provides leads a team that provides solutions in the areas of emergency management, risk mitigation, business contingency planning, and disaster recovery.  With significant experience in Information Security Management System (ISMS), he facilitates certification audit and client contract security audits.

Kamlesh is also very actively involved in citizen centric community welfare services and has led multiple civic programs involving thousands of volunteers at the ward and municipality levels.  Under his leadership, lake reclamation and renovation work was taken up by the government agencies.  Kamlesh has also created a platform for civic participation which encourages dialogue between common citizens and various government departments.  Kamlesh is a much sought after person in situations that needed immediate attention or interventions.