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Kalpana Subbaramappa...


Kalpana Subbaramappa

Kalpana Subbaramappa is an engineer in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and also holds a Masters in Information Technology.  Kalpana is an Analytics Specialist with more than 20 years of experience in developing analytics solutions for BFSI, Retail, Healthcare and Technology industries. Her interest is to design and develop bespoke learning programs in the emerging areas of Robotics, Data science and Business Analytics.

She has worked for Genpact & Protract Education and also as an Independent Consultant in Analytics.  In her current role as the Programme Manager at IIIT Bangalore (IIITB) she manages a Government of Karnataka funded Centre of Excellence on Machine Learning and Robotics.

Kalpana has designed analytics courses for an online education provider Skillspeed and SME for the Post Graduate program offered by UpGrad in collaboration with IIITB.  She has also conducted master classes and training programs on new horizons of technology such as Analytics, Cloud, Blockchain, IOT, Automation/robotics, Cybersecurity etc. She has delivered lectures at IIM Udaipur and IIM Indore.

Kalpana has supported various companies such as Accenture, Sony, Samsung R&D, Finserv, Bajaj Finserv in their design and delivery of programs.

Kalpana is an avid traveller, keen observer of local culture, language and heritage.  She is also associated with Kathalaya as a story-teller (data, travels, science & math).