How we work

We’re on the road to end hunger by 2030, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Goal #2 of Zero Hunger. From the implementation of sustainable community development projects to our meal packaging program that harnesses the passion of local volunteers, we strive to make a global impact on hunger by building resilience, self-sufficiency and empowerment among the communities we work in and with. Here are three ways we’re accomplishing this goal!

Nourishing lives

Safety Nets

long-term food security projects take root, vulnerable communities still need to meet their basic needs today. We support safety net programs that provide nourishment as well as education, skills training or health services that support the difficult journey out of poverty. Our volunteer-packaged meals support children’s attendance at school, incentivize adults to learn a new trade or bolster clinic patients’ health in order to lift entire communities for years to come..

Empowering Communities

Agriculture, Livestock and Income Generating Activities

Bolster agricultural production and incomes through programs promoting improved agricultural methods, business skills and market access. With training and access to quality seeds and fertilizers, farmers can increase production and harvest a variety of nutritious crops. By supporting fish and livestock production, we provide pathways to diversifying diets and improving nutritional outcomes. Through income generating activities we help individuals increase their earning potential and consistent access to food.

Responding to emergencies

Crisis Reliefs

From droughts to floods, in conflict zones and transitioning political situations, food is often the most immediate need. When everyday access to food, wages, and market systems are destroyed in the wake of emergencies, Rise Against Hunger India works through a network of in-country partners to address these needs. We strive to ensure aid is efficiently and effectively deployed to and received by communities when it is needed most.

Our Impact


Meals Served for COVID Relief


Total Meals Packaged Globally


Countries Served by Rise Against
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Lives Nourished in India


Lives Nourished in India

While all our meals are directed towards recipients within India, our global network members are actively supporting millions of vulnerable people around the world. Please visit Rise Against Hunger Global Reach page to see where meals and other life-changing aid have been distributed by our network of partner entities.

Impact Story

The impact is felt at multiple levels

Meals make a big difference!

Mathru Educational Trust has 33 residential blind children, 28 residential hearing impaired children and 32 children with special needs. Due to COVID-19, our Centre has been going through immense financial constraints and it has become very difficult to provide nutritious meals to our children. Due to the economic impact of the pandemic, we have lost most of our donors who used to support us. Rise Against Hunger India meal packets have been a big help in this hour of crisis. The meals provided were very useful and have helped us not jut to meet their food needs, but also to fulfil the nutritional requirements of these children.

Our children have been partaking Rise Against Hunger India meals for the past few years and we have seen good improvement in the children as the meals are a good source of Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Proteins.

“Rise Against Hunger India meals have been a boon for us to meet the food needs of our special children. Our institution faced major resource issues during the past year (due to COVID-19). With the cost saved from buying food, we were able to meet the daily expenses towards running the residential home for the children.”

Ms. Gubbi Mukta, Founder Secretary Mathru Educational Trust, Bangalore

Grow the movement

Rise Against Hunger India would not be able to accomplish its Nourishing Lives, Emergency Relief or Empowering Communities efforts without the support of our volunteers. Hunger elimination needs to become a movement, and everyone can play a role in creating a hunger-free world. We invite you to join our movement and be a hunger champion.